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  • We manufacture the Centrifugal Cast PB-2 Proof Machined Gear Blank
    for Industrial Worm Reduction Gear Box.
  • We manufacture the Centrifugal Cast PB-2 Prof Machined Gear Blank
    Ideal for Lift Gear Unit.
  • We manufacture the various type of Bush used in Machinery like
    Pharma Machine, Textile Machine, Gear Box, Lift Gear Unit etc.
  • We manufacture the Rod of Various size.
  • We canmanufactureCast Iron HUB alsoand we can also cast Phoshphorous
    Bronze over C. I. HUBand we can also Machined the Cast Iron Hub With
    Phosphorous Bronze Ring accordingto customerspecification.
  • We have three CNCTurning Centre Machine of Fanuc controller with
    different specification so we can make products on theseCNC Machines
    with customers specification with utmost accuracy as per their requirement.
  • We started to manufacture a centrifugal AB1 and AB2 Casting on a large scale.
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CNC Machine Click Here